NAMI Alabama
Monday, March 01, 2021

Additional Programs

SHARING HOPE:  Understanding Mental Illness
The NAMI Alabama Sharing Hope Program is an educational and advocacy program that will assist NAMI Affiliates and congregations to partner with Christian leaders in gaining a greater understanding of mental illness. This program is an excellent complement to other NAMI signature programs such as Family to Family as it introduces basic educational data to pastors and members of their congregation about mental health issues.  Several Alabama Christian leaders already view this tool kit as an effective means of involving the African American churches in a proactive, readiness plan of mental health management with their own congregation.     
This program is designed to:
  • Educate African American congregations about mental illness symptoms, treatment and support
  • Decrease mental health stigma in the African American Community
  • Increase understanding and awareness of mental health recovery
  • Foster dialogue in African American congregations about mental illness
  • Introduce NAMI Education and support program.
For further information regarding this program please contact:
NAMI Alabama at 1-800-626-4199  or Lois Herndon, Sharing Hope Coordinator at


The VA decided to officially train and develop peer educational support meetings inside the VA Errera Community Care Center and evaluate these self-help meetings. These meetings would be an adjunct to the care that was already being provided by the Community Care Center. They would not take the place of mental health care given by the center. We would work together with our VA mental health system to make our lives better and ease our suffering from mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Our goal is to find veterans who are doing better with their lives and mental illness. We also find veterans who want to get off and stay off drugs or alcohol. We find veterans who want to stop being abusive and being abused. We form educational support meetings. We work with each other and learn about mental illness/substance abuse/abusive behaviors. We can change.